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    Analyse Excel data in Matrix (2D table) format

      Dear all,


      I am currently evaluating Qlik Sense and was wondering what options exist to analyse data stored in a matrix format - i.e. the cells representing the measures. Let's look at the below table:


      Products purchased / UserProduct 1Product 2
      User 153
      User 224
      User 319


      This table represents the amount of products purchased by each user and is stored as an excel sheet. Data is stored in matrix/2d where each cells is actually a measure. How would I create Bar chart showing for example total products purchased by each user (total products y-axis, user x-axis) or perhaps which was the most popular product?


      From what I was getting in the documentation, the excel sheets need to be normally 1 dimension (hence we call the field a dimension) and then we generate the measure ourselves as an aggregate function.


      Any help would be very appreciated as this sort of data is something that my industry normally assimilates.