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    How to SSO to Sense from a Web Portal

    Vegard Bakke

      In our use case, the user is already logged into a web portal, authenticated with username and password.


      We have set up qlik-auth from braathen, and can successfully login with his demo sample on NodeJS.



      However, I seem to only be able to get this working when initiated from Sense (SP initiated). We need the solution to be initiated from the web portal (IdP initiated). (Ref: StackOverflow: Differences between SP an IdP initiated SSO.)


      How can we securely pass the loggedin user credentials from the Web portal server side, to the Authentication module (i.e. qlik-auth). 


      Is qlik-auth made for SP-initiated (Sense initiated) scenarios only, or am I missing something?


      I'm familiar with the QlikView way of ticketing, so maybe that is confusing me.

      According to Qlik Sense SAML: ADFS Integration, IdP initiated SAML is currently (May 2016) not supported.  But does that mean that Qlik Sens does not IdP-initiated (web portal initiated SSO) at all?



      Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


      Thanks in advance,