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    Set Analysis

      In a typical organization managers have employee and employee report up to managers.

      I have case where an organization has managers who have employee reporting back to them but employees also report to their mentor.

      Some employee may have their manger also as mentor.

      I have a set analysis question where I am trying to find out whether a manger has all his employee reporting back to them as mentor or not.

      I have three tables, and for my own reasons which I can not explain in words, these table columns can not be changes or these tables can not be further merged into lesser no of tables using joins etc.

      MGR 1 has 3 employee emp1, emp2, emp3 where emp1 also reports to mtr7 and emp2 reports to mtr8 and emp3 reports back to mgr1.

      Case 1:

      I start with selecting a manger, that filters down the employees of the manger, that automatically shows employee all managers/mentor they report to.

      I am trying to put a Y and N indicator in the third column of table "Unique Or Not", a Y is to be shown when emp reports to manager selected on the "Managers and Mentors In Company" and N will show up when an employee is reporting to a mentor other than manger.

      My expected results for case 1 is:


      Unique Or Not
      "Managers And Mentors In Company" table selectionEmp1MGR1N


      Case 2:
      I start with selecting a manger (MGR1) and a mentor (MTR7).
      In this case emp1 who reports back to MGR1 and MTR7, should have a Y in the third table (Unique Or Not) because emp reports to same set of people as selected in "Managers and Mentors In Company".

      Emp3 should say Y also as it reporting to people, though lesser than selected people in "Managers and Mentors In Company".

      Emp2 should say N coz it is reporting to MTR8 which is not in selection.

      This analysis is to find out whether a group of manager/mentor have all employee reporting back to them.


      Unique Or Not
      "Managers And Mentors In Company" table selectionEmp1MGR1Y
      MGR1 & MTR7Emp1MTR7Y




      Hope I have explained the situation well.