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    How to  use dynamic values in dimensions?



      I need to dynamically assign the dimensions to a graphic. So, I created an inline table with two columns: one with the name of the dimension as used in the scripts(named dataField) and the other with one name more comprehensible for the users(named dataToShow). So, the idea is that the user selects from a list control the dimensions that he wants to be displayed in the graphic but the names that appear in the control are not the same as in the script. I mean it's displayed the field dataToShow.

      So, my question is if it's a simpler way to do this?. My another question is how I can get the possible values for the field dataField when the user has selected one value in dataToShow.

      When the values selected, my idea is to get the dimension that the user wants to use through an expression in the dimensions tab of the graphic. I have read something about getpossiblevalues, but it doesn't work in expressions.