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    Performance aspect of #users accessing per app

    abhishek kumar

      Hi All,


      My question is more related to # users accessing 1 app of Qlik Sense. We have an app with close to about 25 million rows in fact table. The # of users using the app is around 2000.


      Which is a good option to work on:

      • Should we optimize one single app to handle 2000 odd users?
      • Should we split the apps by team into 10 apps so that we have approx. 200 users accessing 1 app?


      Which is a more preferred approach of the above two?

      How does the server load gets effected in Qlik Sense by # of concurrent users?

      Is there any load balancing system that Qlik Sense hosts?



      **These may be a bit vague questions and not too the point. But some initial thoughts can help me ask more specific question on this thread.