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    Set Analysis?

    Dinesh Thoniparambil

      My raw data included a total row & looks like below:

      Overall Jan 10

      Producta Jan 5

      Productb Jan 2

      Overall Feb 100

      Producta Feb 4


      I need to create report like below:

      Producta Jan 50%

      Productb Jan 20%

      Producta Feb 4%


      How can I do that?



        • Set Analysis?

          You have lame structure. You can remove all pre-aggregated totals (Overall), then your expression will looks like this:

          sum(Value)/sum(total <Month> Value)

          If you still want use Overalls then you need to duplicate it for each appropriate product per month like this:

          ProductName Month Value Overall

          Producta Jan 5 10

          Productb Jan 2 10

          Producta Feb 4 100

          The expression will look like this:


          But it is lame approach as well. Use the first one.

          See example in attachment.

            • Set Analysis?
              Dinesh Thoniparambil

              I need to create a market share report in which I have the information about our company & the industry total (overall), but not the information about the competition which makes up the overall number. In other words, I need to use the overall #.


              The trouble with duplication would be in cases when in a particular month, our company did not sell anything, but there is an overall #.


              On a related note, I am using a personal edition & I cant open your attachment. Would appreciate if you could explain in text what you wanted to show in the attachment.