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    Sharepoint Web Parts and filtering


      We are looking at using Qlikview within Sharepoint to produce filtered reports and would like to know if this can be done using the current set of web parts provide with QlikView 9.

      The aim is to provide a business report that will be filtered based upon the logged on users credentials. i.e. with a base report that shows all customers, we would like to be able pre-filter the report to only show those customer that the user has access to (defined elsewhere). As a new Qlikview user, I am assuming that this would be possible using passed parameters that would be used within Qlikview to carry out the filtering (might be making a big assumption, but bear with me..).

      I can see that we can pass parameters on a URL to a Qlikview report, but within Sharepoint, we would be effectively using an IFrame approach and building the URL from custom code.

      When looking at the Web Part documentation, I can see that the DataSource part is used to define the location of the report, then the other display parts connect to this to access the underlying report. However, I cannot see a way to connect the datasource web part to another 'Source' web part that we could use to supply the filter parameter.

      I guess my questions are: Is there a way to pre-filter a report by passing a parameter on a URL, and if so is there any way to supply the datasource web part with a parameter would be supplied dynamically ?

      Any advise on this would be appreciated before I start down a dead end.


        • Sharepoint Web Parts and filtering


          I have the question as above.

          Can anyone give me some advice on this?


          • Sharepoint Web Parts and filtering

            In this particular setup the security would be exactly the same as a regular QVW - using NT credentials on the network and section access in the QVW (or on the server if QV10). Your iframe is just a window onto the QVS.

            I won't go into section access as there are other good posts on this - hopefully this will give you the confidence that it is possible and not only that it is well proven.

            Other solutions get quite complex and use things like MS ISA. Have a search for "double hop" or ISA on this forum. Havent yet looked at the QV10 webparts - it might be easier by now. the last time I got into the gory details of webparts was way back when it was first released. Nevertheless, the simplist approach is the iframe and reducing data based on the NT user. As soon as you want to refine things based on sharepoint selections tighter integration is needed.