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    Changing connections in formulas of NPrinting

    Supriya R



      I have created a template in nprinting. Previously it was using different connection, now i need to change or edit  it into another connection, because with previous connection it shows dash.


      i need to change connection where i have striked in black ink, for already created formula with different connection. if i click on connection nothing happens, i mean it does not show any dropdown to choose connections.




      how could i change connection in formula edit?Please help me on this.

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Supriya,


          In your screenshot I do not see any formula - are you creating a new one? If you are, then your inability to select a different Connection shows that the particular NPrinting App your report belongs to has only the one Connection.


          Even if your App has more than one connection, once a formula is created you cannot edit it & change the Connection. You will need to Remove and re-create the formula. This is working as designed and applies to earlier versions of NPrinting as well.


          HTH - Daniel.

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              Supriya R

              Thanks Daniel


              2nd part of your answer applies to my query,I was editing formula and changing the connection, for already created formula.


              It would have been easy, if there was designed, so we could have changed the connection, instead of removing and then adding it.It will be very hectic if we have more expressions or reusing npx file in different connection, with more number of expressions and images(i think this even applies for images and levels).