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    Publisher memory usage.

    Ernesto García

      Hi there.


      Is there a way to know how much memory Publisher is using during task executions? I know that for QlikView Server there is a performance log located in




      But I wonder if there's a similar log form Publisher.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Peter Cammaert

          None that I know of.


          Actually, the memory usage of the Publishers (QDS service) won't be of much help, as it is rather fixed and doesn't tell you that much about peak resource usage. The QDS service contains all management features and the scheduler itself. The actual reloads are performed by so-called Reload engines or QVB.exe instances. QVB.exe is the scripting engine of QV Desktop, executed as many times as there are slots for parallel reloads.


          In contrast to the QlikView Server service which is a single service with a builtin memory manager, the Publisher is composed of a single static scheduler process and a lot of reload engines. All separate processes.


          Maybe you best option would be to use an external tool (like Windows Performance Monitor) and let it monitor the Distribution Service and all instances of QVB.exe.