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    Date Value displays a null



        I think that this is a very simple question but I cannot seem to identify the issue.


        I have an excel file that has several columns in it 2 of which are open date and closed date.


        I wanted to put the 2 dates into a table so I could then calculate the interval or the length of time to get to a close.


        The trouble I seem to be having is that the open date displays normally but the close date displays as null.  I cannot seem to determine why the close date displays as null.  The format of the column is  Date  and has the same type of data as the open date.


        Date Open                    Date Closed



      Here is the image from my qlik sense sheet



      Just to verify that the invoices displayed  have close values


        Invoice Number


      date opened                    date closed



        Thanks in advance for any suggestions -   The  table values have no expressions just a display of the field value

        • Re: Date Value displays a null
          Kaushik Solanki



          Just one question, did you use the Date function while loading, like Date(Closed Date).


          If Yes then it is because the Value which you are getting from Excel is not in Date format, its a Text format.


          You can try this,

          1. Change the source. Go to excel and change the format of the Closed Date to Date format.

          2. You can use the Date#() function as below to convert text into Date.

               Date(Date#(Closed Date,'DD/MM/YYYY')) as ClosedDate



          Kaushik Solanki