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    Hide rows based on values of two fields

      Hello all,

      I was trying to use search this morning but it keeps failing, so I'm resorting to a post:

      In one of my tables, I want to display only the rows where ([DaysSply]=30 And [Qty]=31) or ([DaysSply]=30 and [Qty]=62). I've been reading about Set Analysis, but I can't see where that's going to help me here. I do not want to have these as selections, because I don't want it to affect the other tables I have set up. Is Set Analysis the best approach? I've been trying to do something with calculated expressions and suppressing null values, but I run into a roadblock when I need to suppress null values across two fields.

        • Hide rows based on values of two fields
          Neil Miller

          If you only want to include records that match that criteria, then Set Analysis could be your best bet. You need to include the Set Analysis in every expression in the table, that way any record that doesn't match the criteria will have all null values and be excluded from the table (by default).

          Here's an example expression:

          Sum({<DaysSply = {30}, Qty = {31, 62}>} Sales

          If you use that Set Analysis on every expression, you should get a table where everything has a DaysSply of 30 and a Qty of 31 or 62.