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    Bug in Calendar Script [FIXED]

    Ian Tsang


      A while ago I suggested adding YTD and PYTD flags to the 7.CalendarGen.qvs script:

      if(YearToDate([$(vL.DateFieldLinkName)], 0, 4, $(vL.CalendarGenToday)),1,0) AS [$(vL.CalendarTableName) Fiscal YTD Flag],
      if(YearToDate([$(vL.DateFieldLinkName)], -1, 4, $(vL.CalendarGenToday)),1,0) AS [$(vL.CalendarTableName) Fiscal PYTD Flag]

      This was added to the script and now appears as:

      if(YearToDate([$(vL.QDF.DateFieldLinkName_new)], 0, $(vL.QDF.MonthsLeftFiscalDates), $(vL.QDF.CalendarGenToday)),1,0) AS [$(vL.QDF.CalendarTableName) Fiscal YTD Flag],
      if(YearToDate([$(vL.QDF.DateFieldLinkName_new)], -1, $(vL.QDF.MonthsLeftFiscalDates), $(vL.QDF.CalendarGenToday)),1,0) AS [$(vL.QDF.CalendarTableName) Fiscal PYTD Flag]

      However these flags are only returning a "0"

      I'm based in the UK, so my month offset is 4 as per the first example. The $(vL.QDF.MonthsLeftFiscalDates) variable I use is normally -3 so could be part of the problem.

      Grateful if someone could investigate please.