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    Funnel chart and QlikView's exploratory analysis capabilities

    amit goenka

      Hi All,

      I had this query regarding the funnel chart in QlikView.

      Lets assume we have a funnel chart with 4 different segments (A, B, C and D). When a user clicks on any segment, the other segments are filtered away and the selected segment takes up the entire area of the funnel (in essence, the selected segment now occupies the complete funnel).

      Is it possible to tweak this behavior and have the selected segment not occupy the complete funnel. The selected segment could either be highlighted with a different color and bold text (and others faded with reduced transparencies) or, other segments made invisible altogether.

      My second query related to ad hoc analysis (or exploratory analysis) using QlikView. Users with the desktop thick client can import data model definitions and data in-memory to perform all slicing and dicing on the data - all in a read-only mode. Creating intermediate database tables, etc., may not be supported. Please verify.

      And web-based users have limited graph creation facilities. My question may be a little open-ended, but, when talking about ad hoc analysis in QlikView, what all can users do? I have read the article on Qlik-Qlear-Qool but its somewhat abstract.

      Please provide your comments.