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    Object Conditional Show

      In the conditional show option for a chart, how do I only show the chart of the sheet has at least three fields selected? There is too much data to load the chart without multiple selections.

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          Neil Miller

          The GetSelectedCount function will tell you how many items are selected in a certain field.

          GetSelectedCount(FIELD) > 0

          If you have multiple fields, then you can combine them:

          GetSelectedCount(FIELD1) + GetSelectedCount(FIELD2) + GetSelectedCount(FIELD3) >= 3

          You could also put this as a Calculation Condition. If the Calculation Condition is not met, the chart outline will display, but there will be an error message and no data. The error message can even be customized. This may work better as you won't have a big blank space in your app.

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            John Witherspoon

            Not sure how to do exactly what you're asking for other than exhaustively checking every possible field, but what about counting how well their filters have narrowed down the data set? Something like count(MainID)<100000. It'll still take a little time to do the count, but probably nothing like the chart, assuming you have a complex chart.

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              I'm going to put NMiller's answer as my suggested answer because that is what I was going for. However, John's answer is a great idea and I'm actually going to implement that one in my program. Thank you both!