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    Qlik Sense - Limiting a dimension stacked bar chart problem

    Siddharth Sheshadri

      Okay so I am trying to limit a stacked bar chart so that it shows me the top 25 first and then I click on "Others" and shows me the rest as batches of 25. However I believe there is a problem when trying to limit this. The problem is as follows:

      I have measure c = c1+c2
      I have 2 measures in my stacked bar chart which are c1 and c2 which performs an aggregation and shows me the value of c.
      Now when I am trying to limit in batches of 25, it is sorting the bar chart with c1, that is I see the top 25 c1 and then the rest.


      However, I want top 25 of C that is the aggregation of C1 & C2. How can I achieve this?

      In the screenshot below, you also see that it says: "Calculated on measure CY Billed Amount" which is C1 in my example above. But I want this to show me top 25 C first.


      Hope I made sense.