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    Help with my Script

    Chris Hopkins


      Can someone tell me what is wrong with my script please?

      I am trying to add 2 field names together so they are displayed as 1 list box instead of 2 seperate ones.

      Here is my script.

      error loading image

      It is trowing up an error that sais

      error loading image

        • Help with my Script
          Jonathan Dienst

          Change the refs to Line Type and Line Description in line 3 back to @1 and @2. These field names do not exist in the data source, so you can't reference them at this point.

          Alternatively, do a two level load like this:


          Load *,
          [Line Type] & ' - ' & [Line Description] AS [Transaction Type];
          Load @1 AS [Line Type],
          @2 AS [Line Description]
          From etc etc....

          Don't forget the semicolon before the second Load statement.