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    Cannot replace/reload a specific app.

    Magnus Skude

      Hey - For the past week or so, we've been having problems with one specific app which cannot be reloaded, through a task, with new data. Neither can it be replaced with a duplication of itself with reloaded data (it can however without data reloaded first).


      To clarify, if I duplicate the app and manually load data through the 'data load editor', there is no problem, but if I try to replace the published app with the duplicated app with new data, I get the following error:

      Http error 500.PNG


      If I just duplicate the app, and try to replace the published app with the duplicated app with old data, i.e. the data it already has, it is replaced successfully. It is also possible to just publish the duplicated app with new data. This is however not preferred as we have lots of community sheets that will be lost (unless someone can suggest a workaround where I can export/import community and private sheets/objects).


      Furthermore, if I try to run the task bound to the app, it crashes the Qlik Sense engine and give the following task message:


      Command=Finished task;Result=65;ResultText=Error: Failed


      We have tried digging through all the log files, and looked at the 'Operations Monitor', but with no luck.


      Found some of the log lines that might be helpful:


      9c44271f-5846-4fc3-aa61-a358479557b9Command=Replace app;Result=0;ResultText=Success793056f2-48f0-408f-80f4-54e3d09bfb98003481d458-c575-4739-bbd3-cd0227e8b400SalesRepositoryNot available/qrs/app/3481d458-c575-4739-bbd3-cd0227e8b400/replaceReplace app0App with id '3481d458-c575-4739-bbd3-cd0227e8b400' and name 'Sales' was replaced. (HTTP code: 201)9c44271f-5846-4fc3-aa61-a358479557b9
      aafc1646-50d1-49b2-b2c8-cdc7f7e6ed5bCommand=Republish app;Result=500;ResultText=Error: Server793056f2-48f0-408f-80f4-54e3d09bfb98adfdbf1a-90a3-47b8-a8a4-0c2e009d72fe03481d458-c575-4739-bbd3-cd0227e8b400Not availableRepositoryManagementAccess/qrs/app/4fee9c6a-1f53-4bc4-b950-d436b601dfa7/replaceRepublish app500Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (HTTP code: 500)aafc1646-50d1-49b2-b2c8-cdc7f7e6ed5b


      Strangely enough, the first lines says the app was successfully replaced, but cannot be republished, which is strange since I can publish the duplicated app with no problem.


      Anyone in here who can help?