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    Set Analysis applied to a dimension

    Giuseppe De Vivo

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to calculate a dimension column with this expression:


      $(=Only( {$<dimension1={'$(vVarCase)'}> + <dimension1={'1'}> } dimension1))


      Dimension1 has only '0' or '1' values and I need to obtain 2 different case:


      1) To show only '1' value

      2) To show both value '1' and '0'


      How do the user can choose the case?

      He has a select box with 2 value "OFF" = 0 and 'ON' = 1.

      The select box is linked to a varaiable 'vVarCase' that is '0' or '1'.


      When the user chooses ON then, I need to show che case number 1, if he chooses OFF I need to show the case 2.


      I tryed to apply set analysis to my dimension, but it doesn't work.


      Can somone help me, please?


      Thank you in advance.