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    Rent license for QV Personal Edition Desktop

    Alex Mariot Bender

      Good afternoon people,


      I'm having a hard time licensing a Personal Edition version of QlikView Desktop inside the Server.


      The settings inside the server are enabled for the lease of the license.

      The user I'm using to license is a Named user, I've tried with 3 different named users, all connect normally but the QV Personal Edition does not license.


      The environment where the QV Desktop is installed is the same as the QV Server (same machine)

      However the QV Personal Edition even connecting with the users, it does not license.


      I did a test, installing QlikView Personal Edition on another machine and licensing worked perfectly. The problem only occurs on the server machine, however ... It was functioning normally licensed, and when connecting this week it was like personal edition (normal due to the licensed period) but I can not license again.


      Has anyone ever been in this situation? Or Do you know how to solve it?

      Attached is the settings that I use on the server.




      Thanks in advance.


      Alex Bender