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    Using expressions in Graphs

    Muralidhar Koti


      I am new to QlikView and having one issue while designing graphs. The issue is

      I had a graph objects which display the sales data for the selected year and year - 1. The expresssions are as below.






      ({$<Year={$(=Max(Year))}>} [sales]) and Sum({$<Year={$(=Max(Year)-1)}>} [sales])

      This works absolutely fine. Now I have added one expression to this. Here the ReportOn field is from an inline table which has no relation to the sales table.





      if(ReportOn='Ledger',Sum({$<Year={$(=Max(Year)-1)}>} [Ledger sales]),Sum({$<Year={$(=Max(Year)-1)}>} [sales]))

      This works only when I have not selected any date related filters in my report. If I select a date related filter (say 2009), only the first one works and second one doesn't refresh data. It always gives the [sales] column value.

      Is there anything that I am missing in my expressions?



      (ReportOn='Ledger',Sum({$<Year={$(=Max(Year))}>} [Ledger sales]),Sum({$<Year={$(=Max(Year))}>} [sales]))