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    Nprint differ output results on server vs local using "Test"

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      excel template issue.png

      • Nprint version 16.5
      • Excel Template
      • Paging in template by company code (1101, CE01)
      • No filters


      See image above.


      • Report on left created from server via scheduled Task
      • Report on right run manually  using the Task > Test
      • Using same NSQ file from same location, Same QVW from same location, Same Template, Same Task, Same Report


      Report on left (Incorrect) Server report does not filter the tabs by Company, each tab has all the companies regardless .

      Report on right (Correct) Does as expected.  Each tab contains only the company referenced in tab name


      What could possible cause this difference when everything is exactly the same except how it is run?  Tell me I am missing something simple please