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    Combo chart to show total gross sales and product wise sales

    sateesh aadarapu



      I have a requirement to show the chart as Attached. Here Total sales is constant irrespective of the selection of Product, But when i select Product that slaes should be shown in line across the bar chart. I am choosing Combo chart with 2 exprssions

      Dimensions: Qtr

      1expr: used set analysis to fix the product selection for sum(sales)

      2Expr:  sum(sales). it will be change based on selection of product field.


      But when i select more than 2 product, it is showing sum of these product sales. but i need to show individual lines for each product.

      If i get it by overlapping chart, X and Y axis values are changing automatically. so i could not fix it.


      Please help me on this.