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    qHyperCubeDef property for table options in Visualization API

    Yan Ivan Evdokimov

      I am working now on a project where it is needed to create and update visualization objects on the fly.

      For creating objects, I use this function:

      qlik.app.visualization.create(type, cols, options)

      I don't use cols parameter for defining dimensions and measures. For this I use options parameter called qHyperCubeDef instead. I do this because of consistency - as I understood, you can't update cols for created object - you can only update options by using QVisualization method "setOptions". Many visualization types support setting qHyperCubeDef's qDimensions and qMeasures in options, for example:

      barchart properties ‒ Qlik Sense

      gauge properties ‒ Qlik Sense 

      Unfortunately, you can't set qHyperCubeDef's qDimensions and qMeasures in options for table - table properties ‒ Qlik Sense

      You can only set there something like textAlign or representation for qDimenstions.


      My question is, am I missing something, or it is not possible to set or update qHyperCubeDef's qDimensions and qMeasures for created on the fly table object by using "setOptions"?