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    Supress Zero Values in Pivot Table

      I got a question, how to supress Zero values in a Pivot table.
      My Data Source looks like this:


      DateSourceError 1Error 2Error 3Error 4Error 5Error 6Error 7Error 8Error 9


      I generate a Standard Table and it looks like this:

      error loading image


      Here the same a a Pivot table:

      error loading image


      I used Source as Dimension and sum(Error 1), Sum(Error 2) ... Sum(Error 9) as Formula.
      I tried to use the "supress zero" checkbox. That works only, if there are Zeros in every Formula (Error 1 - 9).
      As far as there is a value greater zero in any of the formulas, the privot table is showing all 9 formulas.
      Is there a Possibility to supress that?

      Thanks for your help.