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    Year over Year analysis in Qliksense 3.0

      Hi, my question is regarding Year over year analysis. I tried creating a dimension with below function but it is showing as invalid dimension


      if(InYearToDate(Date, $([Week Ending.autoCalendar.Date]), 0), 1, 0)AS [Cal IsInYTD],

      Sum( {$<IsInYTD={1}, <IsLastYear={1}>} [IRA.MRD Amount Due for 2016] ),



      if(InYearToDate(Date, $([Week Ending.autoCalendar.Date]), -1), 1, 0)              AS [Cal IsInLastYTD],

      Sum( {$<IsInYTD={1}, <IsCurrentYear={1}>} [IRA.MRD Amount Due for 2016] )


      My data is like this:



      Please help, I saw lot of discussion over this but i m not clear where to put the function.

      q1. Should i edit data through data load editor?

      q2. Should create a new dimension or measure and put this function to use?

      q3. Should i add this in any measure that m using a graph?