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    Best practice for analyzing and visualizing item structures with different deeps

      We have an item called x and another called y then x has a child items connected to it and the that child item could have another child connected to it. The y item has the same setup, but has 5 levels of child’s. All items on all levels is in the same MS-SQL table.


      I would like to present this in a visual way something like this.

      TopItem            ChildItem         ChildLevel
      x                           x1                        1
      x                           x2                        2
      x                           x3                        3
      y                           y1                        1
      y                           y2                        2
      y                           y3                        3
      y                           y4                        4
      y                           y5                        5


      Please point me in the right direction how something like this could be done, or is there other ways to achieve this requirement?