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    caluculated dimensions in cyclic groups


      I have a pivot table with two cyclic groups as dimensions one called Questiondrill and the other Country/Base/Man (consisting of fields base, country and manager name

      My expression is the volume of response.

      I need to impose a calculated dimension on the cyclic groups, I have tried to do this within the cyclic group by going edit groups--selecting the appropriate group---edit---selecting the fields that make up the group and using the following dimensions for the country/base/man cyclic group


      =IF(AGGR(Count(IF([Unanswered] ='0', ID)),Base)>6,Base)


      =IF(AGGR(Count(IF([Unanswered] ='0', ID)),[Country])>6,[Country])


      =IF(AGGR(Count(IF([Unanswered] ='0', ID)),[Manager Name])>6,[Manager Name])

      I have used a similar calculated dimensions for the questiondrill cyclic group as well. However this is not working as I am still getting volume of response less than 6. Please can someone help


      Thanks in advance