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    Query - NPrinting On Demand Printing - QlikView Desktop

    Neil Blance



      Hopefully this is a straight forward question. I'm just learning the ropes with QlikView (ver. 11) and NPrinting (ver.16). We created a QlikView test document with NPrinting On Demand Printing functionality, and it is available via our access point, the On Demand printing functionality works correctly with no issues via this access point through Internet Explorer. In theory should I be able to load that document in the QlikView Desktop, turn on Webview and use the On Demand Functionality as I did before (or least I thought I had) ? providing all permissions etc. are in place. Someone helped with the creation and the setting up of the document, but that was awhile ago, and is now not available. Recently I have turned my attention back to it, I'm convinced you can run QlikView document in the QlikView desk top and use the On Demand Printing functionality. I have been told since that this is not possible, but that leaves me thinking how would you develop, save and test a QlikView document with any On Demand Printing functionality on it ?    


      Yours Captain  - Confused