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    Variable expansion, quotes and equal sign

    Tanya Ruppell



      I have figured how to do what I want, but I don't completely understand how it is working. If there's anyone out there who understands this, I would love for you to explain it to me and let me know if there is any other way to accomplish the same result.



      LOAD * INLINE [








      SET vTest2= =Concat(location, ', ');


      Then in my report I have a table with dimension of ='$(vTest2)'

      Which give the result of siteA, siteB, siteC, siteD (or whichever of these are selected)


      (I need it to be a table dimension because in my real app, I need to display it as a URL, and my understanding is that only table dimensions can be clickable URLs)


      Why do I need the equal sign in the table dimension? This blog post (The Little Equals Sign) says that data can be interpreted as expression or text, and the default varies for different objects.

      • If the table dimension is looking for an expression, we do we need the equal sign? Why doesn't '$(vTest2)' work?
      • If the table dimension is looking for text, why do we need the equal sign and quotes? Shouldn't the equal sign in the variable itself be sufficient to trigger the calculation? Why doesn't $(vTest2) work?