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    How to add 2series in a single chart.


      error loading imageHi, Greetings to all !!!

      I am a total newbie in QlikView and finding it pretty complex [:(]

      I have scenario which is something like this...I have a bar chart where in the X-Axis I have products, (ideally it should be some top 10-top 15 products based on some scenario). In my Y -Axis I am showing a fact value, say sales.

      Now as per the scenario I need to show the sales of top 10 products for Q1 (Quarter 1 of that year) and also YTD (Year to date), so for every product there should be 2 bars showing the sales , one for Q1 and another for YTD. I am able to add one series, say Q1 to the chart but I am not able to find the option to include 2 series, (both Q1 and YTD) in the same bar chart.

      Hope I have made the scenario understandable. Can anyone please guide me on this ? Tried to add the screenshot but somehow it has gone to the top of the post. :(


      Thanks in advance.