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    Cumulative sum per Week, Country and Priority

    Javier Ma

      Hi Everyone,






      I want to calculate stock per week, country and Priority. So when i usee it in a chart with the dimension Week and the field Stock. It shows the accumulate of the stock.


      Thanks for your time,






      Load *,

      WeekTemp1 &'|'& [CountryStart] &'|'& [PrioStart] as K_WStart_Country_Prio,  


         If(AutoNumberHash128(WeekTemp1,CountryStart,PrioStart)=Previous((AutoNumberHash128(Peek('WeekTemp1'), Peek('CountryStart'),Peek('PrioStart')))),


        Peek([Cumulative qty])+Stocksinacumular,Stocksinacumular) as Stock2 ,






         RangeSum(Stocksinacumular, Peek('Stock3'))) as Stock3




      Resident CountStockTemp

      order by WeekTemp1,CountryStart,PrioStart ;



      drop table CountStockTemp,OrderStockTemp;