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    Matheus Colares

      Guys...i have a question...

      Today i recive a reclamation about a season blocked in database, with my user and in a season qlikview...Recently i did a query very very bad, so i decided kill the process...but since then, all day a qvconnect opens in task manager, and stay there all long day, and DBA question me what this session blocked in my name, and send to me the query, and it's the same query a did last week, and i dont know answer him...

      Probably tomorow this qvconnct will open again....The question is...

      There's a way to find who .qvw who start this query?

      I find log files, but there exist just logs about bi what user use...nothig about .qvw which generate .qvd...=/

      It will be something in qlikview was blocked and try execution every day, no sucess...


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          Rémi ROLAND



          You Database administrator should be able to find out the query behind the session blocked.

          This could be helpfull to find what application lock the database.

          I suggest also to review your scripts and add a DISCONNECT; instruction at the end of your scripts and before every new connection to clean your scripts.



          Rémi ROLAND.

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              Matheus Colares

              Hi Roland.

              So, my DBA sent to me the query...but i dont know who .qvw run it.

              But i have good news, the problem was resolved...I just logout of my session in server, and now the query stopped run by if self.

              Thank you Ronald .

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                  Rémi ROLAND


                  You're welcome.

                  Another tip from my Qlikview Experience.

                  Using include instruction we exported every qlikview scripts in a QVS files named as the report.

                  That way we are able to search for query/instruction/connection through evey scripts in few seconds using Notepad++ or Sublim Text.

                  I'll try to write a post on QlikCommunity to talk about this.




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                Matheus Colares

                Very good...this is a good pratice to make.

                i absolutely will do this...It's a good tip.