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    How to set values to empty values in script?

    Nina Iren Jensen

      Hi Community!


      In the load script I want to set values to a field that in the qvd file has no value. This is so I can load only these fields, and furthermore, use them in calculations.


      My database is a qvd file.



      Lets say this qvd file contains the columns Store - Item - Customer - Broken like in the table below.

      If the item is broken the value in the field Broken is set to B.

      If the item is not broken, the field is empty.

      When I load the script the missing value in these empty fields is shown like a hyphen -  (since its empty)

      In the database which is the basis for the qvd file, this fields are only filled if the item is Broken.


      The B field records is not necessary to load as I am only interested in loading the records for the empty field values.

      The empty field values should be given a string, e.g U (for Unbroken) in the script. This applies to all empty fields in that column.


      ABC StoreWork BagMickey Mouse-
      DEF StoreHandbagDolly DuckB
      ABC StoreHandbagDonald Duck-
      GHI StoreSuitcasePluto-
      GHI StoreWork BagMickey MouseB