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    Quick Query



      I have very limeted knowledge of Qlikview and have not used it in a long time. However I have been asked a question relating to one of my collegues reports who is off on holiday.

      Please can someone validate my theory on the below formula.


      sum({$<JobType=-{"MANIN","Man","MAN"}>} JobTalkTime)/sum({$<JobType=-{"MANIN","Man","MAN"}, Code49s={0}>} Calls))


      sum({$<JobType=-{"MANIN","Man","MAN"}>} JobWrapTime)/sum({$<JobType=-{"MANIN","Man","MAN"}, Code49s={0}>} Calls))

      I belive it is totalling the amount of JobTalkType and dividing it by the number of Code 49's where the JobType was not one of MANIN, Man or MAN. That or its only where the JobType is one of those. I cant be sure.

      Regards Jonny