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    Displaying Data....

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, i have an application that i am writing for transactions.

      In my script i have the following..

      LOAD *, 1 AS CustomerSalesValueRangeSelection INLINE [

      Sales Value Range

      All Values

      Equal To Entered Value

      Between Entered Values


      I have then created a LIST BOX which displays the above fields.

      When i click on a field above i,e 'Equal To Entered Value' I have then got an input box to appear where the user can enter a transaction value.

      The input box is mapped to a field called 'Amount'.

      The same thing happens if the user click the 'Between Entered Values' (but 2 input boxes appear).

      The problem i am getting is if i enter a value into a list box, the value appears in my current selection (which is what i expect) but when i click on 'All Values', my initial selection is still selected. I do not know how to tell it that 'All Values' should include everything.


      Does anyone know how to do this please?


      And also my 'Between Enterd Values' selection doesn't work. i can enter a GREATER than figure, but when i enter a LESS than figure it wipes out my GREATER than because they are using the same field. Can i use the same field for 2 different selections?


      I have attached my example