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    Load Multiple excel files with multiple excel sheets in qliksense

    Hemachandran Deyvasigamani


        I have the requirement of loading multiple excel file with multiple sheets..


      I have Excel files in folder


      In file1 excel file I have three sheets  sheetA, sheetB, sheetC


      In file 2 excel file I have three sheets  sheetD, sheetE, sheetF

      In file 3 excel file I have three sheets  sheetG, sheetH, sheetI

      I have this three excel file in one folder...

      I want to load all Excel file at a time and store into a QVD..

      I want to do it in Qliksense...can any one give me solution for my requirement..

      I have Attached the sample excel files...

      Thanks in Advance......