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    Changing external Images depending on values in qlikview

      I want to change images depending on values in qlikview. I prepared 3 png Images: red, yellow and green.

      I created a textbox (representation as image) and put the following code in it:
      =if(FIELD1) < 0.01,'images\green.png',if(FIELD1 > 0.10,'images\red.png','images\yellow.png'))

      That worked really fine in qlikview and in the internex explorer plugin - but when using ajax no image ist shown anymore!
      Because in our company many users want to have ajax, i have to find another solution for that.

      Thats why i tried different things:

      Image, Pfad
      yellow, yellow.png
      green, green.png
      red, red.png

      That is working, but i have no chance to change the images automatically with an if clause. The images exists in the qlikview file, but i cannot use them like the integrated icons (qmem://<builtin>/...)

      Question: Is there a chance to import external images and to use them like the integrated icons?


      2. I tried to create 3 different textboxes with the three different images and put them on exactly the same positon (like NMiller told here http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/16212/63311.aspx). I created variables and wanted to show the images depending on the variables.

      Question: How to change the variable with and if..then clause?? Where do i have to put this code to?

      Thanks for your help!