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    Moving Data from Rackspace to AWS takes a long time.

    Simy Joseph

      Hello ,


      I have to move data ( over 100 million rows) from Sql Server 2014 Enterprise Server (On Rackspace) to Qlik Sense Server 3.1 (on AWS).


      I find that it seems to take a long time and in between will  throw a QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA as well.. (When this error comes up, I start the Load again and it works.. )


      For Eg : It took over 40 mins to move 4 million rows from Server to Server, while it took 35 mins to move 8+ millions rows from the Server to Qlik Sense Desktop version on my laptop. I used the exact same Load statements in both scenarios.


      Is there anything I am missing here? ... I hope I have put in all required information for your guidance...


      Thanks in advance.


      Kind Regards