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    Calculated dimension using rank and concat

    Tanya Ruppell



      This is a follow up to Variable expansion, quotes and equal sign.


      Here is my data:

      LOAD * INLINE [

        location, id

        siteA, 1

        siteB, 2

        siteC, 3

        siteD, 4



      If I want a dimension that is a list of all locations, I can either define it in the dimension: ='$(=Concat(location, ', '))'

      Or I can create a variable SET vTest= =Concat(location, ', ') and the dimension defined as =vTest


      Now, I want to limit how many locations I see to the top two. I know that I can use rank to limit my set like this: =if(aggr(rank(min(id)),location)<=2,location) , but I can't seem to find a way to combine this with Concat to use in a calculated dimension


      The result I'm looking for is siteC, siteD. (Order is not important)


      Also, is there a way to do this using set expression instead of if statement? My real data is very large and I expect performance will be an issue.