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    Format Change of d:hh:mm to d Day hh Hour mm Mins

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,

      I have a field MTTR Current Month in format d:hh:mm. Like below:

      Expression is like below:

      interval((Sum({$<Req_flag= {'Closed'},Req_state={3},[Req_Month_Year]={'$(=$(MaxMonth))'}>}Req_Duration)*1440/Count({$<Req_flag= {'Closed'},Req_state={3},[Req_Month_Year]={'$(=$(MaxMonth))'}>}distinct Req_number))/1440,'d:hh:mm')


      I want to make this as 4 Days 21 Hours 32 Mins instead of 4:21:32

      Is there any way to implement this?

      Please help.