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    get sum of values of first date of each month

    jeevayswaran a

      Hi frds,


      Date               MonthYr           Amonut

      1-Jan-2016        Jan-2016          10

      2-Jan-2016       Jan-2016            20

      5-Feb-2016       Feb-2016          30

      3-Feb-2016       Feb-2016           40

      3-Mar-2016       Mar-2016          50


      Above is my data.


      my expected answer is:


      MonthYr     Amount

      Jan-2016     10

      Feb-2016     40

      Mar-2016     50


      The output is based on first date value of each month, if i select a date the month should appear minimum date month to maximum date month. for example if i select 5-Feb-2016 in date field the result is,


      MonthYr     Amount

      Jan-2016     10

      Feb-2016     40


      please suggest me.