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    NP17 Conditional Task: Don’t send email if no data?

    Chris Wellington



      So, I’m new to posting since this forum already has so much useful content! This time I'm comping up empty, though...


      I'm using NPrinting to send simple email with Excel report to about 30 people when they have outstanding assignments (based on data in QlikView). I’m using a single task to distribute the emails with filters at the user level so each individual only sees their own assignments. So far so good.


      The issue arises when a user has no outstanding assignments. In this case, the chart of assignments is, naturally, blank. I’ve created a condition with the rule “Chart CH01 has values” so these users won't get the reminder email.


      Within the given Publish Task in NPrinting, I see two ways to apply conditions:

      1. Apply condition to the report, and
      2. Apply condition to the task.


      If I apply the condition to the report, then the Excel report is only generated when the user has assignments to complete, but the email is still sent whether or not there is an associated report.


      If I apply the condition to the task, then the condition appears to only be checked once without considering the user-level filters.


      Below are some of the combinations I've tried and the results:

      Condition: CH01 Has Data. This should be True if anyone has assignments (for column "Any?") or if the given user has assignments (column "User filter?").

      Assignment statusConditionsResults
      Any?User filter?Report ConditionTask ConditionEmail sent?Report attached?Notes
      TrueTrueTrue TrueYesYesHas assignments, gets email; good
      TrueFalseTrueTrueYesNoNo assignments but gets email without report; bad
      TrueTrueTrueFalseNoN/ATask level condition works - no email sent
      TrueTrue FalseTrueYesNoReport level condition works - no report attached
      TrueFalseTrueFalseNoN/ATask level condition does not respect user filter



      Is there a way to apply conditions after user-level filters so that emails are only sent if the conditions are met? I don't want to generate separate tasks for each user!


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