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    Set Analysis Ignore Dimension – Filter Issue

    Jason Campbell

      I am using this expression:  sum(WorkGrpMins)  / sum(total <UserId> {<cReportGroup=>} WorkGrpMins) to ignore a dimension. The result is accurate, it just doesn't narrow the data set.


      The dimension cReportGroup is in a listbox and when selected, the table with the expression doesn’t change to only the selected cReportGroup.  It keeps all of the records, but the set analysis expression result is accurate.  Looks like ignoring it using set analysis causes it to be ignored as a dimension too.


      If I do that typical expression: sum(WorkGrpMins) / sum (total WorkGrpMins), then it's not aggregated by the UserId.  If I use sum(WorkGrpMins) / sum (total <UserId> WorkGrpMins) I get the numbers I need but they change to 100% when a cReportGroup is selected - hence ignoring the dimension in in the initial expression.


      Does anyone know of a work-around to this?