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    Wrong Table Name


      Hi all,

      I have two tables in an excel file… I loaded one table into Qlikview and store it into a qvd and then I dropped the table… Then I loaded the second table and forgot to name the table.. Once reloaded the application, it automatically takes the name of the table I have dropped previously..

      I think this is an issue of Qlikview… Any comments on this issue…?

      Thank You!

        • Wrong Table Name
          Tresesco B


          This doen not normally happen. Might be problem is with some where in the application. Can we have a look at it?



          • Wrong Table Name

            I suspect that this is QlikView being 'imaginative' with the definition of 'a label immediately precedes a load statement' (p342 in reference manual).


            When you load your second Table you have not specified a Table name, so its first check is 'is there a label above this load?' It looks above and finds some file manipulation (your store and drop) and a load, with a label.


            The naming logic must adapt to multiple load statements in sequence as being all part of the same load because you could indeed have several "load on load", all part of one table, or from multiple sources (some of my loads depend on this behaviour) so it essentially assumes you meant to use the 'Table1' label and uses it. Because you have already dropped that table it doesn't cause any conflict on naming (if you had not dropped the table it would name the second table as Table1-1).


            Not so much an issue as an unexpected outcome!