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    Single_object_URLs not working - "no access to this document"

    Friedrich Hofmann



      for one app that I have there used to be a report that was automatically generated and sent by email every morning. Unfortunately, that tool doesn't work anymore and for the time being I'm looking for an alternative.

      I created two table_diagrams on hidden worksheets and I constructed two single_object_URLs to display either of these two charts.

      I sent these two URLs to the user and the app is automatically reloaded early every morning via the QMC.

      <=> Still, the user can't open the URLs, and the message yesterday was "No access to this document" - that sounded quite like a licence_problem to me, so I assigned the user a document_CAL for this app - but the issue seems to persist, the message remaining the same - that's what the user told me yesterday, I cannot check myself. Well, this afternoon when he comes in, if it still doesn't work, I will ask him for a screenshot of the error_message or try to connect to his PC and have a look myself.

      Does anyone have any other ideas?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,