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    Help with straight table

    Chris Hopkins


      I am working on a transaction application, i have a straight table which shows transaction header info. i.e.

      • Date
      • Time
      • Transaction Number
      • Cashier
      • Retailer

      then underneath i have another straight table which displays the transaction details.

      The user must first select the transaction from the HEADER to be able to see the DETAILS. When the user clicks on a transaction number from the HEADER, the rest of the HEADERS disappear, leaving only the one that the user has clicked on. to be able to view another transaction, the user must then either CLEAR SELECTIONS or click back on the original transaction, then all transactions reappear.

      Is there a way that the user can click on a transaction from the header, then nothing changes apart from the particular transaction header highlights and displays the details below it.Tthat way the user can just use the down arrow to go through the transactions from the HEADER instead of clearing the selected transaction and picking another.

      The other problem with the current way that i have it set up is that when the user clears the selected transaction, the header straight table goes back to the beginning, so the user has to scroll through a second time to find the point they left off.

      Any ideas anyone?

        • Help with straight table
          Tim Benoit

          Add a listbox to your report that shows the Transaction Number field. You will find that you can select a specific value in the listbox and then move your selection to the next value in the listbox with the down arrow on your keyboard. You can move up in the listbox with the up arrow from your keyboard.

          Sometimes when a listbox is used in this way it helps to change the listbox properties Sort tab so that the field is sorted just by the value and not by State. When the field is sorted by state then the selected entry is always at the top. Many users find it simpler to understand what is happening when they hit the down arrow if they can see the green highlighting move down to the next lower value in the listbox.

          You will need to try this out so that you can work out a procedure that you want your report user to follow. A possibility is to build a macro or action that is triggered by the user selecting a row in the Header chart that automatically does the selection of the specific Transaction Number so that the listbox is available to be used with the down arrow.

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              John Witherspoon

              Sounds your two tables could be combined into a single pivot table. That would let you see details for any particular transaction header, without losing summary data for that or other transaction headers. It doesn't do the arrow up and down through the headers that you mentioned, though.

              So Tim's idea sounds a little closer to what you were attempting. You could use set analysis to IGNORE the transaction header selection in the top table, and only use it in the bottom table. The user could arrow up and down through the selection list. That is one extra object on the screen, but at least it doesn't require macros.

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                  Chris Hopkins

                  Thanks for your help both...

                  Tim.. i have added a list box and sorted it by VALUE not STATE, but the selected value still goes to the top.

                  It's not really what i'm looking for as i still need the full HEADER details on the screen. When a transaction id is selected from the list box the header details dissapear for all other selections. I really wanted the header box not to change so the user can always see each transaction header.

                  John.. Any chance you can give me an example of what you mean using SET ANALYSIS?

                  I have attached an example of my application...


                  Thanks again.

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                      Chris Hopkins

                      tim.. I have got the list box working, but i don't think it is very user friendly. I need ALL the header details available for the user to see. I don't really want another list box for the user to choose from.

                      What about writing an expression on the sort tab for transid? can that be done?

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                          Tim Benoit

                          So, the new problem is that the report user can only see a list of transaction numbers in the listbox and that's not enough information to know which headers need to be reviewed?

                          You could try this: in the loadscript where you load the header data add another field. The field would concatenate all of the data that a user needs to see... maybe something like this:

                          [Transaction Number]&'_'&Date&'_'&Time&'_'&Cashier&'_'&Retailer as header_id,

                          then use header_id as the field in the listbox that the user steps through with the down arrow.

                          Have you looked at the functionality of the drill-down group? You might be able to use a drill-down from header data to show detail data as needed when the user clicks to drill down. That would not require the header to be selected.