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    When I open QVW I see strange things...

    Hans de Vries

      When I open a certain QVW I'm working on, I see this:



      Anyone any idea why I don't see gauges and pics I'm expecting?

      BTW, a single refresh or reload brings them back...

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          Marcus Sommer

          I experienced this with QV 8 and QV 10 quite often and now with QV 11 very rarely. I think the reason for this behaviour is that you hit any limits regarded to available Object-RAM, timeouts by the calculations and maybe an issue with the caching-engine from qlik.


          At first I would take a look on the used dimensions/expressions and trying to optimize them in combination with possible changes on the datamodel - to avoid calculated dimensions, aggr-functions, nested if-loops and maybe some more.


          - Marcus