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    Background color of calculated dimension in pivot table

      Hi everyone,


      I need some help coloring the cells of calculated dimensions in a pivot table.


      I also attached a qlikview-file as an example.

      I have customers and items and each customer ordered some items. For those combinations (customer, item) I have the order amount and the status.

      The pivot table shows items as rows and customers as columns and displays the order amount as expression. The background color of the expression cells shows the status.

      Now I add some calculated dimensions. First the total of the order amount per item.

      Then the number of each status in each row. It counts only the status amounts, not the order amounts, that is the number of cells in green, the number of cells in lightgreen ,,, for each row. This is all working well.

      Now I would like to color the background of the calculated dimensions as well.

      Cells should be in the color of the status they are counting, only if the value is greater than 0!

      The column "# Status 10' should be all in green, but only those cells which have a value > 0.


      I appreciate any help!

      Thank you so much.