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    Hide dimension in pivot table

    Matheus Colares


      There is some way to hide a dimension in a pivot table?

      for example i have:


                    7am     8am      9am     10am

      'Sales'     x          y          z          r


      and i want like this:


      'Sales'     x          y          z          r


      In other words, hide the second dimension...


      Thank you!!

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          John Witherspoon

          You could custom format cell the header row, edit the text color, and set it to 100% transparency. The header row would still be there, but it wouldn't show anything. Not ideal, I guess.


          Screen-background-colored text box overlaying the header row?


          I feel like I'm missing something obvious, some "just checkmark this option".

            • Re: Hide dimension in pivot table
              Lech Miszkiewicz


              In QlikView it was all about work-arounds so John's suggestion will only apply to QlikView.

              QlikSense? Maybe by using Dual() and blank characters like 1=' ', 2='  ', 3='   ', 4='    ' etc.. then showing text value instead of number. I


              have not tested it yet but i have got a feeling that QlikSense may trim them, so it can be back to square one!


              Anyway - hope this helps


              kind regards