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    QlickView on iPad Safari

    Dinesh Thoniparambil

      When I point the iPad Safari to the AccessPoint page, I get a blank screen. I even turned off the pop-up blocker.

      For testing sake, I logged into IE explorer in AccessPint & I can see all the documents. When I used firefox, the pop-up comes asking for ID/password. It appears that IE knows which windows ID/password is being used & hence the pop-up does not come, however firefox does not. I presumed that the same issue is with firefox & disabled the pop-up blocker. Still no use.

      On further testing, on the AccessPoint address, if I give a wrong address after the correct server name, it gives me a blank page. However if I give a wrong server name, it comes back with page not found. Not sure what this is telling me.

      Is anybody out there using Safari on iPad & if yes, any idea on how to fix this issue?